Water Bill Adjustment

On March 24th following the State of Emergency declaration due to COVID-19, St. Bernard Parish Government Water and Sewer Department notified residents by press release and social media that water bills would be estimated for the month of March due to reduced staff.  All estimates were based on the past month’s usage. 

Any actual usage above the estimated bill is included on the current bill.  Any estimates that were higher than the actual usage have also been corrected and are reflected on the current bill. As a result, some residents are seeing an increase to their current bills. In most cases, this increase is attributable to more water usage during the stay at home order. The adjusted bills have already gone out to all areas, with the exception of the Chalmette billing area. The adjusted bills for Chalmette will be mailed out on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.  

As stated previously, SBPG will not be turning off water service due to non-payment until further notice. If you need to set up a payment plan or if you have any additional questions please call the Water and Sewer billing office at 504-271-1681.