Fairy Tales And Tall Tales At Arlene Meraux Elementary

The second graders at Arlene Meraux Elementary learned about fairy tales and tall tales for the first few weeks of school. Students enjoyed talking about fairy tales such as “The Fisherman and his Wife,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

They also enjoyed some exaggerations from the tall tales in this unit such as “Paul Bunyan,” “Casey Jones,” “John Henry,’ and “Pecos Bill.” Students were able to dress up as their favorite tall tale or fairy tale character. They presented to the class who they were and a summary of their story.

After lunch, students participated in Fairy Tale and Tall Tale centers. Students ate pancakes similar to the colossal flapjacks Paul Bunyan and Babe ate to keep them logging. They created a train track like the one Casey Jones drove his “Iron Horse” on.

Students also designed a mural from their favorite fairy tale. The students ended their centers with a fairy tale or a tall tale of their choosing. Arlene Meraux Elementary students love to learn and are engaging in their education.