Arlene Meraux Elementary Learned About Ancient Greek Civilization And Greek Mythology

The second graders at Arlene Meraux Elementary learned about Ancient Greek Civilization and Greek Mythology. Students enjoyed learning about the Spartan Army, Greek gods and goddesses, mythical animals such as the Minotaur, Sphinx, and the Nemean Lion, and the Olympic Games.

The second-grade teachers hosted the Second Grade Olympic Games. Students enjoyed competing against each other in chariot races and foot races. Students also created their own web-like Arachne the weaver.

Students ended the day by running through the labyrinth and dressing up like Greek characters. Arlene Meraux Elementary students love to learn and are engaging in their education.

Please Note: St. Bernard Parish School District closely follows all CDC and Louisiana Department of Health guidelines. Masks are required for all students in grades 3-12 and optional for younger students in preschool – 2nd grade.