St. Bernard Parish Schools celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

School Board Members celebrate teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. [L-R]: Sean Warner, Diana Dysart, and Clifford Englande.

Being a teacher is one of the most challenging and important jobs in our society. This week students, parents, administrators, and community members all came together to appreciate the hard work teachers do on a daily basis.

At each school, teachers received daily appreciation gifts sponsored by either the school’s Parent Teacher Association, a local business, or the school’s administrators.

At the district’s central office, a social media campaign was started using the hashtag #StBernardTeachersMatter featuring parents, community leaders, board members, school leaders, and students thanking and celebrating their teachers.

Parent and teacher Erin Johnston said, “Teachers matter because they build relationships with our children that will last a lifetime.”

After listing a number of St. Bernard Parish teachers who have impacted each of her three children, she said, “Each of these teachers built wonderful relationships with my children. They have made the learning process fun for them and have made school the place they want to be!”

Superintendent Doris Voitier said that is what it is all about – meaningful relationships so that students become lifelong learners and eventually productive citizens.

“The best part about teaching is that it matters,” she said. “St. Bernard Parish schools have some of the finest educators in the state. We are a premier school district because of our people, and I thank them for their service and dedication to our most valuable members of our society – our children.”

School Board Members celebrate teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week. [L-R]: Joe Long, Dr. Hugh Craft, and Katherine Lemoine.