Chalmette High School’s Class of 2017

Honors Graduates and Board Members [L-R]: Seated: Emily Pulley, Nicole Maradiaga, Courtney Saulsman, Kenny Nguyen, Kaya Lawrence, Ahmad Alkurd; Standing: Darleen Asevedo, Carl Gaines, Jr., Clifford Englande, Sean Warner, Dr. Hugh Craft, Katherine Lemoine, William Egan, and Donald Campbell.

Four hundred and twenty-five Chalmette High School graduates recently received their diplomas at the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena. One of the most accomplished classes in the school’s history, graduating seniors earned over $12 million in scholarships, and nearly half earned college credit during their time in high school.

Other accomplishments were many and varied:

  • A National Merit Finalist – Congratulations to Kenny Nguyen.
  • Four Posse Foundation Scholarship winners awarded full academic scholarships – Kaya Lawrence, University of Notre Dame; Hailey Marshall, Case Western Reserve University; Michael O’Neill, Wesleyan University; and Austin Mankin, Tulane University.
  • Three students received both a high school diploma and an Associate Degree and one student earned a Technical Diploma from Nunez at the same time, thanks to Chalmette High’s dual enrollment partnership with the college.
  • Nearly 75% of the graduating class earned an Industry Based Certificate during their time at Chalmette High School making them more competitive in the work force post-graduation.
  • Recognized as an AP Program of Distinction for the school’s exemplary work in expanding opportunities for student engagement and performance.
  • Four seniors received substantial or full ride scholarships to study music- Brandon Rodriquez, the University of Southern Mississippi; Sarah Hogan, the University of Southern Mississippi; Renee Vasquez, Loyola University; Roshard Hooper, Loyola University.
  • 13 Individual and Team District Championships in Baseball, Softball, Boys’ Basketball, Volleyball, and Track and Field.
  • McDonald’s All American in basketball– Mitchell Robinson.

Three seniors were named Valedictorian this year. All three seniors had a G.P.A of a 4.2059 and ACT scores ranging from a 31-34. Ahmad Alkurd, an active member of the Academic Games Team, will be attending Tulane University. A Posse Foundation Scholarship recipient, Kaya Lawrence will be attending the University of Notre Dame; and Kenny Nguyen, National Merit Finalist, will be attending Dartmouth College this fall.

Also making CHS’s Top Five Honor Graduates this year were Courtney Saulsman, District Student of the Year and Salutatorian, and Nicole Maradiaga and Emily Pulley as the Fifth Honor Graduates.

Celebrating his 50th Chalmette High School graduation, Principal Wayne Warner said, “We are incredibly proud of the graduates’ efforts and accomplishments this year. They leave behind a lasting legacy of excellence, enthusiasm, and scholarliness. We benefited from the Class of 2017 being with us, and we miss their presence now that they have moved on.”

The St. Bernard Parish Public School District is one of the top performing districts in the state for both student achievement and teacher effectiveness. With a tradition of academic excellence, extracurricular achievements, and state-of-the-art facilities, our schools prepare all students to excel in college and beyond.

Class Officers and Administrators [L-R]: Seated: Sarah Melerine, Roshard Hooper, Dhuha Darweesh, Alyssa Alfonso, Kenny Nguyen, and Azizah Hinnawi. Standing: David Koontz, William Schneider, Emily Boackle, Wayne Warner, Carole Mundt, Kelli Watson, and Doris Voitier.