The St. Bernard Art Guild Open Show results

[L-R] Front Row: Donna Lind, Rodney Asevedo, Marie Alvarez, Victoria Graves, and Claire Pescay. Second Row: Maurice Alvarado (Judge), Pio Lyons, Donald Crais, Christian Delos Reyes, Corinne Barreca, Gabrielle Cashio, Beth Vincent, Linda Lopez, Janet Attaway, Elaine Hodges, Beth Montreuil, and Lynn Battle.

The St. Bernard Art Guild Open Show was held June 10th at the Nunez Community College Fine Arts Center in Chalmette, Louisiana.  The following is the list of award winners from the show. Judging the show was Louisiana Glass Artist Maurice Alvarado of Studio 520.  The results of the show are as follows:

Art Under Glass

First Place – Pio Lyons, McCall Creek

Second Place – Pio Lyons, de la rondin

Third Place – Lynn Battle, Glass Jar with Tulips

Honorable Mention – Linda Lopez, Hibiscus Study

Honorable Mention – Claire Pescay, Resting Chickadee

Honorable Mention – Elaine Hodges, Jefferson Davis

Art Not Under Glass

First Place – Rodney Asevedo, Isleno Girl

Second Place – Donna Lind, Ruby Rose

Third Place – Dana Sherlock, Through Rose Color Glasses

Honorable Mention – Elaine Hodges, Bayou Bienvenue Boats

Honorable Mention – Elaine Hodges, Crawfish Boil

Honorable Mention – Janet Attaway, One Calla


First Place – Donald Crais, Working Hands

Second Place – Donald Crais, 3 Boats at Sunset

Third Place – Beth Vincent, Wooden Shutters

Honorable Mention – Beth Vincent, Angel

Honorable Mention – Marie Alvarez, Bad Feather Day

Honorable Mention – Mary Darnell, Snow Storm

Three Dimensional

First Place – Victoria Graves, Meal Time in the Marsh

Second Place – Gabrielle Cashio, Zulu President 2017

Third Place – Christian Delos Reyes, Posture

Honorable Mention – Christian Delos Reyes, Good Times

Honorable Mention – Victoria Graves, The Old Cedar Tree 2

Honorable Mention – Rodney Asevedo, Old Glory 

 Specialty Awards

Best Landscape – Pio Lyons, McCall Creek

Best Maritime – Corinne Barreca, Shell Beach

Best Spiritual – Donald Crais, Dada Blue Hands

Best Children – Victoria Graves, Visiting Me Maw

Best Floral – Beth Montreuil, Homage to Giverny

Best Portrait – Mary Darnell, Snow Storm

Best Wildlife – Victoria Graves, Foraging

Best Abstract – Corinne Barreca, Rims and Tires

Best Still Life – Lynn Battle, Glass Jar with Tulips

Best St. Bernard Theme – Marie Alvarez, Silent Testimony

Chalmette Refining LLC Best of Show Award

Donald Crais, Working Hands

Dorothy Steele Hills (center) of Chalmette Refining LLC presents check to Linda Lopez, President, Donna Linda (left) and Beth Vincent (right) for the generous support the St. Bernard Art Guild.

Best of Show award Presentation: Linda Lopez, left, Donald CraIs, center, and Dorothy Steele Hills of Chalmette Refining, right.