St. Bernard Parish says thank you to Christ in Youth volunteers working at area facilities

CIY Georgia volunteers at the St. Bernard Historic Courthouse.

Christ In Youth (CIY) volunteers were in the parish July 17-21 volunteering at a number of facilities. Here is a list of volunteers groups and the states they represent:

  • CIY Michigan volunteered at Carolyn Park
  • CIY Michigan volunteered at Paul Noel Gym
  • CIY Missouri volunteered at Val Riess
  • CIY Ohio volunteered at the Animal Shelter
  • CIY Georgia volunteered at St. Bernard Historic Courthouse.

Thank you to all of the many volunteer groups who help make our parish cleaner. Christ in Youth amplifies the call on students’ lives to become Kingdom workers through trips, events, and resources. For more information on Christ in Youth visit

Volunteers at Animal Shelter.

Volunteers at Paul Noel.

Volunteers at Val Riess.

Volunteers at Val Riess.