Going Green and Staying Safe this Labor Day

Waste Management Provides Green Tips for an Eco-Friendly Labor Day

In many neighborhoods, the smell of hot dogs and hamburger patties grilling on barbecue pits will be prevalent on Labor Day. As family and friends gather this weekend to celebrate, there will be plenty of memories made and waste produced. Waste Management wants to encourage consumers to keep a few environmental tips in mind this holiday weekend.

Waste Management offers these green tips for disposing of and reducing waste.

Electronic Invites
Scrap your traditional paper party invitations and go digital! Online evites are often free, and help cut back on the four billion trees forested each year for paper products.

Buy Local Foods
Think locally when planning your menu. Shipping ingredients from another part of the country, or even the world requires a tremendous amount of fuel. Look to your nearest farmers’ market for in-season fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, eggs and dairy products. They’re fresher and are often low priced.

Reusable Dishware
Using reusable dishware is always best, as it reduces waste going to the landfill. If that’s not practical, try to buy environmentally friendly, disposable tableware instead. Look for products made out of renewable, plant-based materials like sugar cane and bamboo that will biodegrade in compost piles and landfills.

Grill Safety
Coals or ashes fresh off the grill should never be placed in a trash container. Cool coals for several days in grill or fireplace, then place in a metal container with a tight lid before placing in trash container.

Clean Green
By using non-toxic, biodegradable and other green products, you avoid using dangerous chemicals that are safe for your family and friends.

With just a little extra effort, communities can have a safe, fun and eco-friendly Labor Day. We hope these simple tips will help keep going green a priority. Waste Management wishes you a happy and safe holiday weekend.

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