St. Bernard Parish Retired Teachers Helping Local Schools

Paul Grethel, SBRTA President; Sarah Morales, teacher; Liz Winslow, Principal;, Steni Lee, teacher; and Mickey Lux, SBRTA Secretary, deliver over $600 in school supplies to Chalmette Elementary School as part of the association’s community service project.

The St. Bernard Retired Teachers’ Association (SBRTA) recently delivered over $600 in school supplies to 2 elementary schools in St. Bernard Parish as a way to show how the retirees still have a connection to the schools. The organization collects school supplies from its members at each of it’s quarterly meetings. This year approximately $1200 in supplies were donated and split between Chalmette Elementary and W Smith Elementary.

“It’s our way of giving back to a school system we all love,” stated Paul Grethel, SBRTA President. “Many of our members both teachers and support personnel live on a fixed income and still find a way to make a donation to this community Service Project. We3 hope active teachers in St. Bernard will reach out to the organization when they need help or volunteers.”

Mr. Grethel stated that SBRTA works with the Louisiana Retired Teachers’ Association to promote social, professional and economic status of retired and active school employees and works to educate and improve public education. Grethel went on to say, “We hope our active teachers will also join our association to help us in this work to educate and influence the Louisiana Legislature on behalf of public education.”

The SBRTA’s website is for those interested in any additional information on membership or activities for which the organization is involved.

Paul Grethel, SBRTA President; Teachers Amy Serigne, Eve Ziegler, Margie Woodward and Tamara Smith along with Mickey Lux, SBRTA Secretary, bring over $600 in school supplies to W. Smith Elementary School.  The supplies were donated by SBRTA members.