National Weather Service Conducts A Skywarn Training Class

The National Weather Service conducted a SKYWARN training class. The SKYWARN program is geared toward the public and covered the following topics: 

  • -Basics of thunderstorm development
  • -Fundamentals of storm structure
  • -Identifying potential severe weather features
  • -How to report information
  • -Basic severe weather safety 

This class was hosted by the St. Bernard Parish Emergency Management Office and the Community Relations Division of the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office. The SKYWARN training is one of the requirements to become a “Storm Ready” Community. StormReady is a preparedness program that encourages government entities and commercial gathering sites to prepare for severe storms. The program issues recognition to communities and sites across the country that demonstrate severe weather readiness. It is voluntary, and provides communities with clear-cut advice from a partnership with the local National Weather Service Office, state and local emergency managers, and the media. 

“We encourage anyone with an interest in public service to join the SKYWARN® program,” said Parish President Guy McInnis. Volunteers include police and fire personnel, dispatchers, EMS workers, public utility workers and other concerned private citizens. Individuals affiliated with hospitals, schools, churches and nursing homes or who have a responsibility for protecting others are also encouraged to become a spotter. To become more involved, contact the Office of Emergency Management at 504-278-4268 or the Sheriff’s Office Community Relations Division at 504-278-7628.