Chalmette High School 2020 Homecoming

Chalmette High School recently brought life to another important tradition. The 2020 Chalmette High School Homecoming game was on November 13 at the Bobby Nuss Stadium.

The presentation of the 2020 Homecoming Court took place during the halftime show. The court which is nominated and voted on by members of the student body population was led by Homecoming Queen Emma Nunez and First Maid Adaline Palmisano. Other homecoming maids include Hannah Degelos, Trinity Fortuna, Izabella Garcia, Teja Jones, Hailey Melerine, Katie Tran, and Joy Young.

Homecoming coordinator Jill Schofield said the school worked hard to ensure Homecoming was a safe and meaningful tradition for CHS this year. One of the ways the school upheld tradition was by including senior boys as traditional escorts for the members of the court.

“While we couldn’t have a dance this year, we still wanted to honor these boys in some way for their commitment to our school,” Schofield said.

The boys selected as 2020 Homecoming escorts are Dallas Blackmore, Gavin Burtchaell, Alexander Cox, Paul Cusimano, Ethan Gilchrist, Bradley Gioia, Emmbre Perry, Leflore Press, and Marco Spicuzza.

[L-R]: Emmbre Perry, Jr., Marco Spicuzza, Jr., Gavin Burtchaell, Leflore Press, Dallas Blackmore, Paul Cusimano, Alexander Cox, Ethan Gilchrist, and Bradley Gioia.
[L-R]: Adaline Palmisano, Emma Nunez, Hailey Melerine, Izabella Garcia, Hannah Degelos, Trinity Fortuna, Joy Young, Teja Jones, and Katie Tran.